Daily meditation mastery to become centered, clear, calm and whole

Discover the easiest, ancient approach to drop deeply into calm, present awareness so you can smoothly sail through life’s turbulent storms.

Learn how to use conscious breathing as your life raft.

Breath mastery for enhanced health and well-being without ever trying to quiet your mind!

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced meditator, you’ll develop an easy, enjoyable breathing practice that can bring healing to your entire system.

You’ll noticeably reduce stress and anxiety, improve your sleep, immune system and mood, and enhance your overall mental and physical health.

And you’ll discover how easy it is to relax into healthier breathing patterns so they become a seamless and essential part of your life, with instant and long term health benefits!

Tracey Goldman, E-RYT

Tracey, E-RYT 500, has been practicing yoga and meditation for over 30 years and leading classes consistently for the past 15 years. 

Under Tracey’s gentle, loving guidance, you’ll discover how consciously controlling your breath, shifts your physiology, your mind, and your ability to drop deeply into presence and peace. 

Her step by step, ancient approach will help you establish a consistent, deeply satisfying, healing, meditative breathing practice. It’s easier than you think. 

You’ll learn why, how and which breathing patterns can shift your entire well-being physically, mentally and emotionally, out of chaos and back to calm, in a way that’s easy to understand, embody and enjoy. 

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced meditator, you’ll explore easy, enjoyable breathing practices that contribute to your overall healing. 

You’ll noticeably reduce stress and anxiety, reactivity and racing thoughts. You’ll improve your sleep, immune system and mood, and enhance your overall mental and physical health.

And you’ll experience how easy it can be to naturally relax into healthier breathing so it becomes a seamless and essential part of your life, providing instant and lasting benefits!

“Tracey has changed my life. She has taught me how to tune inward and relax my body and mind…which has not only improved my everyday life, but my ability to get a good night of sleep. I am incredibly grateful for Tracey.”

Jennifer Hirsh, Musical Artist

Sleep Easy, Live Easy

Deep Sleep Training

You’ll learn how to set up your day for sleep success at night. You’ll learn how to master your breath to calm your nervous system on demand, and how to relax your body/mind so you can reliably get the deep restorative sleep you need every night.

You’ll wake up daily with vitality, energy, improved productivity, clarity and peace of mind to master your life and live to your fullest potential.

Discover the 5 Top Tools for Effortless Sleep

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Breathe Into Bliss

Breath Mastery for a Healthier Body and Mind

You’ll learn how to effortlessly bring your body/mind back to the relaxed, healing state it inherently knows and desires.

You’ll find that you won’t stress out, ruminate, worry about the future, lose sleep, or over react as often.

You’ll gain more control over your nervous system, digestive system, cardio/respiratory system, immune system, and blood pressure with simple breathing techniques.

Plus you’ll gain much more control over your mind, and the quality of your life.

“I’ve tried to meditate for years but never could because my thoughts were all over the place. When I was overwhelmed I couldn’t fall asleep, and when I woke up in the night, I couldn’t go back to sleep. Tracey has taught me it’s ok to have wandering thoughts, and that breathing is not a ‘one size fits all’ technique. She’s given me the tools and permission to apply them however it’s comfortable for me. Thank you, Tracey. I’m finally sleeping better!”

Rana Davidson, Office Manager to Physician/Surgeon

Yoga classes

Individual, corporate and small group instruction available in person or on Zoom.

Tracey’s classes change daily to match the energy and needs of her students.

You’ll learn to look within and listen to your body exploring your edge, honoring your needs and trusting your choices.

You’ll focus on breath and proper alignment, without judgment, realizing that no two sessions or people are the same.

Mostly, you’ll find your center, let go of your recurring thoughts, and follow your breath into peaceful presence.

See you on the mat!

“Tracey, thank you so much for your wonderful meditation teaching. I feel much more relaxed and free and I’m sleeping better too. I just play your meditation at night and no matter how difficult the day was, I fall asleep easily listening to your voice. The relaxation and better sleep brings me more positivity and energy every day.”

Sharon Eileen, Educator