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Transcript of video

Welcome to a breathing practice for instant calm. There are three things that we’re going to do to calm the nervous system, mind, and body. Firstly, we’ll breathe through the nose. Secondly, we’ll engage the diaphragm when we’re breathing. Lastly, we’ll slow down the exhalations. Now, let’s try it. Sit comfortably or lie back and feel free to close your eyes if you’d like. We’ll start with a clearing breath, so just take a nice full breath in and let it go. As you let it go, let yourself land just where you are, feel whatever you’re feeling. Then close the lips and breathe in just through the nose, smoothly releasing your breath, and keep releasing the breath.

Beautiful, take another breath in through just the nose and let the breath go so there’s no strain. You’re not forcing or holding anywhere, and keep breathing out, allowing your shoulders to maybe drop a little bit more. Good. Last time, breathe in through the nose, let the belly swell, let the breath go, let tension go, let your eyes soften whether they’re opened or closed, and keep breathing out. Now, feel free to do this a couple more times if you need to, and just smoothing out the breath, no holding, no stops or starts. Just notice what happens in those exhalations, that softening, that settling, that relaxation response is activated in your nervous system. You probably won’t have as many active spinning thoughts, tension in your body will start to soften, and you’ll just become more present, more aware, and definitely calmer and more at ease.

So when you’re ready, take a free breath again, releasing it and just noticing how that felt for you. Thank you so much, namaste.