Learn to Breathe Into Bliss

Easily master your breath to improve your health and your life.

Do You Want To Feel Better?

In our modern society, we’re facing unprecedented levels of stress, depression, and ill health. Consider this: the key to well-being might be mere minutes away, found by disconnecting from the outside world and focusing within.

Research confirms that daily Meditation not only improves mental and physical health, sleep, resilience, creativity, productivity, compassion, and happiness but also enriches our relationships and life quality.

Emphasizing a truth recognized by ancient yogis for millennia, recent science attests to the superior benefits of Breathing practices (Pranayama) over meditation alone for our mental and physical health.

Want a healthier, more fulfilling life? This course is for you. Assume command of your well-being, body, and life. Seize each moment, learn to Breathe Into Bliss.

What is Breathe Into Bliss?

Breathe Into Bliss is a 28 day program with all of the tools and support you need to release stress from the mind/body and optimize your health so you can enjoy more quality time for yourself, and the people and events in your life.

Breathe Into Bliss is for you if…

You feel overwhelmed by life’s demands and uncertainties.

You want to be calmer and less reactive.

You are new to meditation or an occasional meditator who wants to establish a consistent daily practice.

You want to learn to release some of the negative thoughts in your head.

You are too busy to meditate, or don’t know how, or think it’s not for you.

You’re a yogi who wants the benefits of your practice to go beyond the time spent on your yoga mat.

You know that meditation will benefit you but aren’t sure how to fit it into your life, how to begin, or what technique is best.

You want to learn a quick, enjoyable and easy approach to meditation.

You want the support to stick with your practice.

Why You Will Love The Breathe Into Bliss Course

  • You’ll discover how simple it is to drop into the present moment which is where peace lives
  • You’ll feel the immediate benefits in your body and mind from simply altering your breath
  • You’ll find yourself with more quality time for the people and experiences in your life
  • You’ll feel more grounded, present and calm
  • You’ll quickly become less reactive and agitated
  • You’ll become more creative and productive
  • You’ll sleep better
  • Your health will improve
  • Your relationships will improve
  • Your outlook on life will improve

How does the Breathe Into Bliss Course work?

Notice and appreciate.

The first step in any meditation practice is awareness. Using the availability of your own physical senses, you’ll learn the simplest proven techniques to increase your level of awareness and begin to hone your focus.

In present moment awareness, there is no worry or fear about the future. There is no regret, sadness or anger about the past.

In present moment awareness you’ll effortlessly drift into a state of ease and well being, where meditation comes naturally, and the benefits are felt immediately.

Create a ritual.

Habits can be broken or created in about 28 days.

You’ll receive tips that have helped thousands of people learn how to dedicate a place in their morning, or evening routine (or both) to insert time for YOU, and stick with it to create a new pattern, or habit. It will become so enjoyable, you’ll be surprised that you won’t want to skip a day.

(This portion of the course is one of the most highly valued aspects, since we all need support and encouragement to create new lasting habits.  Don’t worry…We’ve got you!)

Step By Step

Each day you’ll receive a new meditation, that builds upon the previous day’s lesson. You’ll be encouraged to practice every day with the support of a group. But if you miss a day, it’s no problem. You’ll get to keep the entire program and all of the meditations, to revisit anytime you want. 

In only 28 days you can learn how to Breathe Into Bliss for the rest of your life.

Make time for YOU.

Set aside just 5-20 minutes every day for YOU.

Life gets so busy, and often we think we don’t have extra time, but what if the time you spend meditating actually makes you more productive, clearer, more creative, and more focused to get more done, more quickly, effortlessly and with fewer mistakes?

Would you take the time for THAT?


In our uniqueness, we learn differently. This course offers various meditation styles, from concise 3-minute sessions to extended 18-minute practices. Experimentation is encouraged to identify the meditation style and length that resonates with your unique self.

Science of Meditation

Understand the fascinating science behind how intentionally lengthening the breath stimulates the vagus nerve and actively activates the parasympathetic nervous system. These longer, controlled breaths bring the other systems of the body into a natural state of rest, digest, relaxation, and repair

Here’s what people are saying…..

“Tracey’s unique breathing technique of floating at the top of the inhale and coasting at the bottom of the exhale led me to one of the deepest meditation experiences that I’ve ever had.  Without effort, I found myself submersed in the coveted meditation “gap”.  As an experienced meditator who has practiced with numerous teachers, I found Tracey’s unique approach and gentle guidance both grounding and uplifting.  The result was a memorable and pleasant 24 hour “high”.  I look forward to experiencing more effortless and unexpected “gaps” with Tracey.”

Mary Wiliams

Student, Unplug Meditation Studio

“I have been lucky enough to attend Tracey’s meditation classes live. She has a naturally loving presence and I always feel centered afterward from her soothing words and energy.  I also attend Tracey’s yoga class weekly because it’s not just exercise, but it’s really a moving meditation.”
Diane Rose-Solomon

Documentarian, Animal Magic Films

“Tracey has helped our staff with relaxation techniques and meditation.  She is truly gifted!  We all learned to focus on our breathing and become present and tuned into our bodies.  I know for me personally, that I felt stress melt away and my mind and body were so refreshed and ready to be in a positive and healthy space afterwards.  She gave us so many tools to help us daily with our breathing and meditation.  I didn’t want it to end”

Louise Browne

Executive Assistant to CEO & Manager of Culture, Fanbank

What we’ll cover during the 6 weeks?

Week 1

Come To Your Senses

We will begin by exploring our five physical senses, one each day, with simple, fun guided meditations to strengthen our ability to focus on the present moment and what is real. You won’t believe how easy it is to tune your attention inward and let go of any resistance, worry, doubt or fear. Each of the first weeks meditations will be only 5-10 minutes long so you can easily fit them into your day.

Use your five physical senses: touch, sound, sight, smell and taste to train your mind to connect to present moment awareness.

Week 2

Be With The Breath

We will add on to what we learned in week one, by using the techniques of connecting to our five physical senses, one by one, to become more present while also altering and lengthening our breath to feel the deeper healing effects of that combination. In this module, we will travel inward to a deeper layer of awareness and inner calm with meditations ranging from 10-15 minutes only.

Week 3

Breathe Into Bliss

Since we have different needs at different times, this week we will experiment with specific (Pranayama) breathing practices for specific purposes, and the multitude of benefits they deliver, all between 10-20 minutes only.

Some examples are breathing practices specifically for: relieving anxiety, balancing the mind/body, balancing the two hemispheres of the brain, gaining greater clarity and creativity, toning the vagus nerve to release the effects of stress on our system, releasing negativity from the mind/body by witnessing the silence that rests within, etc.

Week 4

Mantra Meditations and Variations

This last week we will practice and learn different forms of meditation, (all only 10-20 minutes long) so you can discover the techniques and styles that suit you best. Since we are all unique, and our needs and circumstances change, it’s important to have different styles of meditations to call upon to help us in different situations.

We will learn many types of Mantra Meditations, as well as Gratitude, Intention setting and Metta meditations plus bonus meditations like Yoga Nidra for help sleeping and a Walking meditation for times when you just don’t want to sit.

Here’s what you get with Breathe into Bliss:

Breathe Into Bliss Course includes 28 guided meditations sent to your inbox daily, taking you on a customized step-by-step journey to your inner bliss utilizing sensory (present moment) awareness, specific breathing techniques to release stress and balance the body/mind, and a host of varied meditations so you can experience different styles for different needs and situations.

+ 4 live group coaching sessions to address your questions, receive support.

+ 4 live group meditations to experience the exponential power of group meditation

+ 2 bonus audio meditationsYoga Nidra to help with sleep and a Walking Meditation to bring complete peace and presence into your outdoor life

+ Private Facebook Group to receive daily support, share experiences, receive group support, accountability, create community and lasting relationships

Breathe Into Bliss is the course for you because there is nothing more important than your well being.  After all, it only takes 5-15 minutes each day to Breathe Into Bliss and enhance every area of your life.

About your guide

Tracey Goldman, RYT, has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 10 years to thousands of people just like you. She welcomes all ages and experience levels, from beginners to advanced.  If you can breathe (which thankfully you can, or you wouldn’t be reading this), you can learn how to alter your breath to enhance your health and drop into present moment awareness, where peace exists.

Tracey’s gentle step by step guidance has been proven to help you establish consistency and cultivate a deeply enjoyable meditation practice. Plus, she brings her extensive yogic background and scientific knowledge of how your breathing can shift your physical, mental and emotional well being from chaos to calm, in a way that’s easy to understand and embrace. Please join Tracey and the other meditators that will support you on your journey to find inner peace, clarity and calm, by learning how to Breathe Into Bliss.

Learn to Control Your Thoughts and Stress Today

Science is now telling us that the mind needs exercise and relaxation, just like the body does, maybe more so. We are finally understanding that the stress we experience comes from how we handle our circumstances, and where our mind dwells.

Would you like to choose to handle situations, people and events you cannot control calmly and with ease?

Would you like to gain some control of the thoughts in your mind?

Then this course is for you!