Meditation courses

28 day and 6 week courses

Do You Want To Feel Better?

Whether you’re new to Meditation or a seasoned pro, we have a course to help you learn the essentials and deepen your practice.

You’ll understand the science of how and why meditation has become a necessity in our fast paced lives.

You’ll discover a unique approach to make meditation both an effortless and extremely enjoyable experience that you can do on your own anywhere, anytime.

You might wonder how you ever managed your life without it.

Take control of your well being. Take control of your body. Take control of your life. And make the most out of each moment you have.

If you’d like to enhance your life and enjoy optimal health and wellness, these two courses are for you.

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Sleep Easy. Live Easy

6 Week Meditation & Deep Sleep Training

In this 6 week course you’ll receive all the tools and weekly support you’ll need to establish an enjoyable and effortless sustained Meditation practice.

You’ll learn how to master your breath to enhance your health, master your sleep to finally get the deep rest you need every night, so you have the vitality, energy, productivity, clarity and peace of mind to master your life and live to your fullest potential.

Breathe Into Bliss

28 Days to a Solid Daily Meditation Practice

In this 4 week course you’ll learn simple effective tools to instantly bring your body and mind back to the relaxed, healing state of homeostasis it inherently knows and wants to return to.

You’ll find that you won’t stress out, ruminate, worry about the future, lose sleep, or over react as often. You’ll gain more control over your nervous system and even lower your blood pressure, with simple breathing techniques. AND you’ll gain more control over your mind, and thereby the quality of your life.