Yoga: Union of Body, Mind and Soul

Private, corporate and small group instruction in person or on Zoom


Yoga brings peace to the mind, rejuvenation to the body, and light and love to the soul. 

In Tracey’s yoga classes you’ll develop presence and deepen your awareness of the interplay between your breath, movement and mind, thereby more completely integrating your body, mind, and soul.  Her teachings are gentle yet strong, emphasizing self acceptance and intelligent alignment, distilled from the varied disciplines she has studied for over 30 years.

Tracey will help you lengthen and strengthen your body enough to feel supple and alive, and still your mind enough to be open to receiving inner guidance, while reminding you to nurture yourself along the way. She has a light, loving, gentle spirit and a fun, inspiring teaching style.

Private, corporate and small group instruction available in person or on Zoom. Contact Tracey for details. 

Tracey and Yoga

I discovered yoga long ago when I was searching for a way to vigorously exercise my body while simultaneously engaging my mind. I fell in love the way that Yoga helped to quiet my mind, taught me to look within myself, and ultimately got me started on my path toward a meditative practice. Consequently, my Yoga practice strengthened my back and neck, healed an old injury, and helped me feel lean, supple, healthy and whole. I have never found a more comprehensive discipline.

I love Yoga. I love how it makes me feel, physically, mentally and spiritually.

And I love how my yoga practice carries me through an entire day with a feeling of connection, inner peace and tranquillity.


~Tracey Goldman, RYT

Yoga classes

My classes change daily to match the energy of the people in the room. But we always flow through poses to gently and deeply enliven every muscle in our bodies.

We learn to look within and listen to our bodies, striving to reach our edge, but not pushing past it, unless our bodies are ready to.

We focus on breath and proper alignment, realizing that no two people look the same in any posture.

Mostly, we find our center, let go of our recurring thoughts, and breathe in to all the places we feel.

I look forward to seeing you on the mat soon.

Private, corporate and small group instruction available in person or on Zoom.

FREE Online Yoga/Meditation Classes

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