Sleep Easy, Live Easy

A proven step by step system to reduce overwhelm, relieve stress and relax your body and mind, so you can enhance your health, sleep easily every night, and enjoy your life more fully.

This program is for you if…

You ever struggle with sleep.

You want to be calmer and less reactive.

You want to learn how to reliably relax your mind and body.

You want to snore less.

You want to relieve sleep apnea.

You want to release some of the negative thoughts in your head.

You’re a yogi who wants the benefits of your practice to go beyond the time spent on your yoga mat.

You want to fall asleep quickly and easily every night.

You want to wake up with energy and vitality every day.

You’re not alone

I’ve been there…overworked, overstressed, not sleeping well and exhausted trying to juggle all of life’s demands at once.

Guess what? Life doesn’t have to be that hard.

When I worked in the corporate world, trying to climb that ladder to success, I was definitely an over achiever, type-A personality, perfectionist, like many of you. I had success, achievements and accolades as a result, but the toll it took on my life, relationships, my ability to sleep and on my body was intense. I was getting recurring migraine headaches, frequently waking up in the middle of the night with racing thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, overworked, irritable and stressed out.

Can you relate to any of this? I knew I had to take deep breaths just so people wouldn’t see how nervous I was, but often that didn’t stop my heart from pounding or my armpits from sweating (literally!).

When Yoga and Mindfulness aren’t enough

At that time, I practiced yoga and mindful meditation sporadically, but that wasn’t enough. The calm I’d experience after a session just wouldn’t carry over into my sleep or my everyday life.

It’s not until I began implementing specific daily breathing techniques to reset my nervous system’s response to stress, that I noticed myself naturally and consistently remaining calmer and more present no matter what challenges I faced, and sleeping more deeply and easily every night.  You see, the way we breathe can actually hinder or enhance our mental and physical health.


Over the past decade, I’ve been teaching yoga, meditation and breath work to thousands of people around the world, and since we are all different, I’ve researched and learned many different techniques, because I’ve discovered one approach doesn’t always work for everyone.

In this course, I have formulated the easiest, most effective techniques, laid out in a simple step by step approach that anyone can do, with enough variation, so you can find what works best for YOU.


Sleep Easy, Live Easy is a self paced online course with all of the tools you need to release the mental and physical stress that keeps you awake at night. You’ll learn how to reliably breathe your stress away so your mind and body can relax into effortless deep sleep every night.

Why you’ll LOVE Sleep Easy, Live Easy…

  • You’ll discover how simple it is to drop into the present moment which is where peace lives
  • You’ll feel the immediate benefits in your body and mind from simply altering your breath
  • You’ll find yourself with more quality time for the people and experiences in your life
  • You’ll feel more grounded, present and calm
  • You’ll quickly become less reactive and agitated
  • You’ll become more creative and productive
  • You’ll fall asleep more quickly and easily every night
  • You’ll get more of the deep restorative sleep necessary for optimum health and vitality
  • Your health will improve
  • Your relationships will improve
  • Your outlook on life will improve

How does this course work?

Notice and Appreciate

The first step to create any lasting change is awareness. By becoming more aware of your physical senses, your breath, and the layers beneath the surface of the mind, you’ll learn how to release the external world and shift your internal world to one of deep relaxation and repair. In present moment awareness, there is no worry or fear about the future. There is no regret, sadness or anger about the past. In present moment awareness, you’ll effortlessly drift into a state of ease and well being, where sleep comes naturally, meditation becomes effortless and benefits can be felt immediately.

Repetition Builds Lasting Change

Patterns and habits get established over our lifetimes. You’ll be gently encouraged away from the unhealthy habits interfering with sleep, to develop healthier habits that set you up for sleep success. Repetition rewires our brains to form new neural networks, changing the actual structure of our brains. (You’ll learn more about Neuroplasticity). By also consistently resetting your nervous system to its natural relaxed state with specific meditative breathing techniques, you’ll become less agitated and reactive in your days, plus more relaxed, healthier, and better able to fall asleep easily at night.

Make Time for YOU

Set aside one hour each week, to watch the 6 pre-recorded video trainings, and repeat the practices in those the lessons for 5-10 minutes each day. You’ll receive tips and tools that have helped thousands of people learn how to dedicate a place in their morning, or evening routine (or both) to insert time for your practice, and stick with it to create a new pattern, or habit. It will become so enjoyable, you’ll be surprised that you won’t even want to skip it.

Step by Step

Each video builds upon the previous week’s lesson, with tips to easily fit the practices into your life.

You’re welcome to go at your own pace, in your own time.

We’ll support you wherever you are on your journey.

You’ll get to keep the recordings to revisit as often as you’d like.

Science of Meditation

Learn how the chosen breathing techniques activate your innate relaxation response, immune response, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and cardiovascular systems for balance, healing, repair, and deep restorative sleep. Understand how consistent mindful healthy breathing practices change the structure of your brain and nervous system, so optimal health, awareness, peacefulness and sleep become easier.

Honor Your Individuality

Once you’ve learned and practiced the techniques proven to bring about more peace of mind, clarity, ease and effortless deep sleep, you’ll have the freedom to experiment with the style and length of meditation and breathing that feels just right for YOU. Remember: Meditation is a gift you give yourself. With practice, support and feedback, you’ll find the style and duration that suits YOU best.

Here’s what people are saying…..

“I had the joy of attending Tracey’s Yoga and Meditation classes. I was especially impressed by how she made me feel. She immediately created a safe space for me to focus on my breath and the importance of balance and awareness. If you want that special safe place where you will learn from a passionate, experienced, and talented trainer, you must check out Tracey’s meditation and yoga classes.”

Susan Janzen, B.Ed.

“I practice yoga and meditation with Tracey Goldman and, I’m here to tell you, at the forefront of all that she teaches is a deep love and intellectual curiosity for these healing, centering mediums. She has helped me strengthen and align my body and mellow my mind, her kind and joyful heart leading the way.”

Rachel Pollon Williams


“Tracey has helped our staff with relaxation techniques and meditation.  She is truly gifted!  We all learned to focus on our breathing and become present and tuned into our bodies.  I personally, felt stress melt away and my mind and body were so refreshed and ready to be in a positive and healthy space afterwards.  She gave us so many tools to help us daily with our breathing and meditation.  We didn’t want it to end”

Louise Browne

Executive Assistent to CEO & Manager of Culture, Fanbank

What we’ll cover during the 6 weeks?


Set the Stage for Deep Sleep

Before we dive into the breathing practices that prepare your mind and body for effortless sleep, we’ll first assess your sleep environment, discover the habits that hinder sleep, and learn how to implement proven recommendations for optimum light, temperature, supportive natural remedies and overall sleep hygiene.

Stage 1

Come To Your Senses

We all know that improving your sleep environment isn’t enough. So once we set the stage for easier sleep, we will begin exploring the outer layer of our being, our physical body and how it experiences the world around us. You’ll build a strong foundation of inner awareness through your physical senses and gain an understanding of your nervous system and Neuroplasticity. By training your mind to connect to your body, you’ll learn to shift from agitation to ease and experience the truth and depth of present moment awareness.

Stage 2

Be With The Breath

We will dive in to a deeper layer of our being, represented by our energy or life force, and learn how our breath can soothe our nervous system and enhance our health and well being. You will discover the power of your own breath to calm you and facilitate healing for your body and mind. At this point, you’ll begin experiencing the beneficial effects of your breathwork permeating your sleep and your life.

Stage 3

Breathe Into Bliss

Since we all have different needs at different times, in these weeks we will experiment with specific (Pranayama) breathing practices for anxiety and stress relief, balance and healing, deep sleep, etc. At this point, you will be able to more easily tap into the silence and joy that rests within, experiencing easier, deeper restorative sleep, as well as an easier, less-reactive experience toward life.

Stage 4

Meditation Variations

By now, you’ll have made the step by step journey inward to a deeper understanding of yourself. In this last week you will learn and practice different forms of meditation, so you can discover additional techniques to suit your individual needs and circumstances. It’s important to have varied styles of meditations to call upon as we change and as life around us changes. We will learn Loving Kindness (Metta) Meditation, Gratitude Meditation, Body Scanning, Mantra, and a surprise bonus audio Meditation that can be life changing!

(Plus you’ll receive two bonus audio guided Meditations for extra help sleeping in challenging times)

*This Sleep Easy course will lay a solid, strong foundation so that you will no longer need to rely on outer guidance or any app to drop into the peace, stillness and serenity that exists within.
You will have all the tools you need to sleep better, feel better and live better every day and night.

Do you want to learn how to Sleep Easy & Live Easy?

What’s included?

Everything you’ll need to master your sleep, including:

An initial Sleep Assessment

How to improve your Sleep Hygiene

How to create your optimal Sleeping Environment

A comprehensive list of foods and supplements that support relaxation and induce sleep

6 pre-recorded video coaching sessions, with group meditations and breathing practices to follow along with

2 bonus audio meditations for deep sleep

2 Nighttime Restorative Yoga sequences to prepare for sleep

Group support, Q & A, and feedback


Tips to keep you motivated on track

Tools to schedule & prioritize time for YOU

Access to a private FB Group where we’ll build community, receive support, accountability, inspiration and feedback

Over $1,300 Value

For a limited time only $270 to get the best sleep of your life, every night!

Tracey Goldman – your trusted guide 

Tracey, E-RYT, has been teaching yoga, breathwork and meditation for 15 years to thousands of people just like you. She welcomes all ages and experience levels, from beginners to advanced. If you can breathe (which thankfully you can, or you wouldn’t be reading this), you can learn how to alter your breathing to enhance your health and create inner peace.

Tracey’s extensive background in yoga and the science of how your breathing can shift your physical, mental and emotional well being from chaos to calm, is presented in a way that’s easy to understand, embrace and embody.

Tracey will gently guide you on a journey to inner peace, clarity, calm and reliable deep sleep every night. Now is the time to finally sleep well, feel well and live your best life!

Why this course is transformational

Sleep Easy, Live Easy utilizes a systematic step-by-step approach beginning with a deeper awareness of your life and the causes of your sleep struggles. You’ll then learn how to set yourself up for optimum sleep every night. You’ll discover easy to understand science about the breath, stages of sleep, meditation, and ultimately, how to thoroughly relax your body and mind to simply invite deep sleep in.

You will journey inward, beginning with your environment, then your body, and an understanding of the effects of stress on your physicality. You’ll then drop in deeper to explore how altering your breath calms your nervous system so sleep comes naturally and easily. Finally, you will explore varied meditation techniques so you find the individual styles that are sustainable and effective for you.
Additional support, resources, video trainings, tips, inspirations and the motivation necessary to sustain lasting change will also be made available. The entire course is yours to watch or repeat, anytime.

If you ever struggle to fall asleep, “Sleep Easy, Live Easy” is the course for you because nothing is more important than your health and well being. Solid, deep sleep every night is essential for optimum physical, and mental health, and the full enjoyment of your life.

All you need is the desire and a little practice, to Sleep Easy, Live Easy and enhance every area of your health and life.

Sweet dreams!

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